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apologize ~

i apologize for not posting.

ive been busy with school and work and just being lazy. plus, i've gotten into a whole new fandom. one of which i can't find any pictures of besides scans. therefore i've almost lost my will to get new pictures. but i have a few and hopefully i'll post them soon.

i had already uploaded all the marie antionette pics i have, meaning to have it out by the dvd release *sigh* it's been a really stressfull last month. however, i have a new job and i think i can get internet access there, therefore i may be able to post more.

for anyone who is interested, i have been updating my cap/icon journal quite a bit. i post new bleach caps every single week (when the new ep comes out) and hopefully i'll catch up with death note and d.gray-man and buso renkin.
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5,000 members!

^^ i'd NEVER guess in my life that this community would make it to 5,000 members!!

thanks you guys so much for joining and for those of you who comment when you take, thank you very much.

caitlin is out of town at the moment and i have a few things i could upload so i'm going to do that now.
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new layout!

and its about freaking time, right? hehehe. sorry it took so long to make one but here it is.

i have some great potc 2 promos that i seriously need to upload but i never get enough time on the computer. but hopefully this weekend i will!

and for everyone who though tlc.org's gallery was confusing, we have set up a seperate gallery and its much easier!


thats the link i gave you guys before but now everyone can see it ^^
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new posting friend

well ive decided my friend imperativa will be posting here alongside me.

she's a image poster of such sites as bonnie-fan.com , apopplewell.org and williammoselyfan.net (i think thats the site?)

but anyway please be nice to her :)

and btw im working on l-s.net really hard thats why i haven't posted anything in awhile.
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yay! the problem with the hotlinking is now fixed!

i mean with the gallery that is, so everything is now working.

if you have no idea what i'm talking about, don't worry.
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this photo journal is friends only.

why? because i want to know who's going to use my pictures. i've had problems with people not crediting
so thats why im doing this.

but all you have to do is join the community :) so please spread the word!