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apologize ~ [04 Mar 2007|08:47am]
i apologize for not posting.

ive been busy with school and work and just being lazy. plus, i've gotten into a whole new fandom. one of which i can't find any pictures of besides scans. therefore i've almost lost my will to get new pictures. but i have a few and hopefully i'll post them soon.

i had already uploaded all the marie antionette pics i have, meaning to have it out by the dvd release *sigh* it's been a really stressfull last month. however, i have a new job and i think i can get internet access there, therefore i may be able to post more.

for anyone who is interested, i have been updating my cap/icon journal quite a bit. i post new bleach caps every single week (when the new ep comes out) and hopefully i'll catch up with death note and d.gray-man and buso renkin.
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